AI in marketing

In this article we explain how data can help you to understand if your content marketing efforts have really paid off.

Doesn’t matter how many money, you’ve invested in content marketing, you truly want it to become a success story. You might have put a lot of effort into it, but you know your competition is fierce, and others are competing with you for attention time. The question now is, did your content marketing efforts really pay off?


During the competitive analysis in the example above, we looked at the performance of the content marketing strategies of a set of relevant companies, we had identified, and which aimed to be recognized as thought leaders in “Business Models + Processes”, “Business Strategy”, “Company Culture” or “Competitiveness”. But what is performance in this context? In the beginning, we had a closer look at how important a story was for each of the companies in the set. None of them had focused on one story alone. Each of them decided to run a mixed strategy. Instead of putting all effort in becoming the go-to expert in e.g. “Business Models” they tried to be present in all areas they thought they might reach their target audience. But all budgets and resources are limited. That’s why every company made a decision of how much of their efforts should be allocated for topic A, topic B, and so on. “Topic Focus” measures how much of a company’s efforts went into writing articles e.g. on “Company Culture.” The higher the number, the more blood, sweat and tears went into the work.

Unfortunately, you can spend a lot of time and budget on creating your content, but that doesn’t say, your campaigns will really take off. That’s why we had a closer look at the impact of the measures. We were curious to understand how successful companies were in engaging people to build momentum, to spread the word and to reach out to people in people’s networks as well.

At evAI Intelligence we believe that artificial intelligence can help us to excel in providing relevant information to our audiences, which help them to live either a better life or deliver outstanding results at work. That’s why we heavily invest in R&D and why we have developed AI-driven methods to challenge current marketing approaches. We want to assist companies in understanding the hidden mechanics. We want to assist them in decoding their market DNA. Do you now know what we could do for you? Let’s get started and click the button below!
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